Who can use the Te Matai Motorsport Facility?

Anyone wishing to hold a motorsport event that we have suitable facilities to cater for.

Is Te Matai Motorsport open to the public?

The TMM facility is not open to the general public for safety reasons – bookings are essential. Spectators are welcomed at motorsport events at the discretion of the organiser.

Who should become a member?

Any motorsport club that wishes to use the facility regularly or who wishes to develop unique and exclusive facilities should consider membership. We are happy to discuss the benefits on an individual basis.

How often are events held at Te Matai Motorsport?

Clubs hold events as and when they fit the needs of their members. Generally some form of event takes place every two to three weeks. Check out the coming events calendar on the homepage.

Is Te Matai Motorsport available for private hire?

Yes most definitely. Private and Corporate hire of facilities is welcomed. Contact us with your specific needs.

Check out the following links to see firstly a 4km gravel sprint and then a promotional video made using our roads.


4km Gravel Sprint

Promotional Video