About Us


Motorsport and shooting clubs have been working with local councils since 2002 to identify ways to resolve the conflict between the so called "noisy sports" and urban sprawl. After several years of collaboration and research into suitable sites the TECT All Terrain Park project began in earnest with the purchase of the first block of land in 2005. Further land purchases followed as did the delicate process of obtaining Resource Consent for the park. The first meeting of motorised sports groups took place in 2006 at which areas of common interest and potential conflict were explored. Three distinct interest groups emerged from this process: Car based motorsport (incl road bikes), Extreme 4x4 and Off Road Motorcycling.

Te Matai Motorsport Inc is the organisation formed to represent the interests of the first and most diverse group – those generally based around cars and involving speed events. TMMI holds the head lease for the 385 hectares of land within the TECT All Terrain Park that is zoned for motorsport use.

Vision and Objectives

Our vision is the establishment of a multi disciplined motorsport facility capable of satisfying the needs of the motorsport community into the foreseeable future. We aim to ensure that facilities developed are both needed by the community and are economically viable both short and long term. The development should maximise participation opportunities and the synergies between park users.


Membership of Te Matai Motorsport is restricted to Clubs that are incorporated societies in their own right and are representative of a specific interest group. Members may wish to develop special facilities for their exclusive use, such as the Remote Controlled Car Club track or the MBOP Autocross track. Alternatively members may wish to utilise the more general facilities developed by TMMI itself, such as the gravel road network or carpark areas. TMMI meets monthly on the third Tuesday and interested parties are welcome to attend and meet the team.


With the assistance of Opus International Consultants, the founding member clubs have developed a Concept Master Development Plan that incorporates as many motorsport disciplines as we can think of. This plan is expected to evolve over time as the needs of the motorsport community change and grow. The development will be done in stages and may take 20 years to reach maturity; however TMMI remains committed to the management of this process as member needs are identified.

Presently development centres around the building of the infrastructure required to support development and site security, provision of electricity supply, toilets, road networks, drainage and facilitating feasibility studies and development of member exclusive use areas. Work completed to date allows for various events to be run including Motorkana, Autocross, Gravel Sprints and Rallysprints, 4x4 trails and winch challenges, Off Road racing, ATV, Buggy and Lawnmower racing. Rallying and rally car testing, corporate functions and entertainment are also catered for now.